Airbrush Tattoos

And Blacklight Face Painting!!


Airbrush tattoo parties are a popular pick no matter the occasion. Over the last 9 years we have thrown body art events from kids’ parties to large vendors like Harvard, Capcom, and Boston College. We can also create custom stencils for a unique experience. In the past year, we have continued to refine our artistry and create safety protocols for events in the new normals such as using dividers and extra assistants.

Mitzvah Airbrush Tattoo Event

Easy to add to any party..


-Power within 25 feet

-6′ table

-2 chairs

-$100 deposit

Custom Custom Custom

One of our specialties is creating unique stencils for any events. Our art won jobs for Budweiser, Coca Cola, and Comcast.

The sky is the limit with what we can create. Even a whole array of stencils add to the speed, quality, and sheer fun of the event!

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We are so easy to work with. Because we work for you!

Blacklight parties

With a surplus of blacklights, we can light up your space cheaper than any event companies.We have lit up Newton South’s entire gym with blacklights multiple times. We also have brought our lights to night clubs and even boats in Boston harbor.

You can add these lights on to any package for around $100+ depending how many you need. 

Choose the application of the lights

Usually, we paint the blacklight makeup on and the guest can choose what they like or just let the artist create a unique design. We also can use the airbrush setup to use glow in the dark paint on any stencil. This is not limited to body art. Sometimes we just rig up the lights for an environmental experience.

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We are so easy to work with. Because we work for you!