Event Art Services

Live Airbrush Art Parties

No activity is more engaging for a Mitzvah or a corporate event…


Around 50+ items in 3 hours. We show up and have a really fun system where the kids get to choose what they want on paper, our assistant fills out the form, and we go in order. Kids usually stand around watch and talk. It gets a lot more attention than you would think.

Includes artist, equipment, assistant, order forms, event planning.

block pricing – Cost is between $800-$1000 for a shirt party on Saturdays. All inclusive service. Prep + no setup or delivery fees. Roscoe will prep in advance at the studio, show up over an hour before the event. Friday and Sundays are between $600 and $800.

Or $350 an hour + Travel.

Custom airbrush parties are the most popular event activity we have ever seen. No way to replicate the addition of custom art to a party. The kids get to choose what they want on the shirt and it is magically made to order right in front of them. Even the adults will want to participate by the end.


Date / Venue and a $100 deposit

Power within 50 feet

2x 6 foot tables or 1x 8 foot table

Client is responsible for the shirts / hats / water bottles

*We can bring tables and a generator for $75

Items to be bought before hand. Whether it be hats, shirts, water bottles. We are a service provider. You can ship them to us if you prefer but the upfront cost of the items can vary so much we recommend the client buying these. This allows you to get the items for cost, also you can have a wider array of options. In terms of products + sizes.