Live Murals

Collaborative Art Parties


Live murals can please a crowd who might or might not be confident artists. We help you come up a mural concepts and the canvas comes prepped for the event. During the event, instructors can suggest ideas and even paint with the attendees. Interaction can range from signing a name or painting an entire area. Though if things get too off-course we can finish it for a small fee.

This is an example of a rooftop party in Boston, Massachusetts.


Canvas of choice (these can also range from little paintings to 15 foot canvases)

Extra supplies like paint markers or spray paints, but these are generally included

Hour or so of planning


You may not need an assistant to help or you may need 3; we take this into consideration before hand so everyone knows what to expect.  

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Paint Parties and other ideas!

With 6 years of experience, we have taught thousands of people how to paint. These are fantastic for small gatherings and easy to follow for any age range. Usually there is a $150 artist fee and $30 per person for the kits. This includes canvas, paint and anything else required like aprons, easels and brushes. These parties are not limited to classes, they can also be group art projects like group sculptures or even simple drawing classes.