Party Upgrades

We have a design studio for fabricating custom props, stencils, shirts, and experiences.

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We have 3d printers, screen printers, and even a laser cutter in house. Year after year, this service has become more popular for custom props and party favors. The service requires some imagination, but it always adds a lot to the parties. Please feel free to be creative a lot of concepts we make come from our clients ideas.


=custom stencils
=custom screen printed shirts
=Custom Keychains
=Black lights
=Sign in Boards / Bean Bags / Lockers
Black Lights

With a surplus of blacklights, we can light up your space cheaper than most event companies.We have lit up Newton South’s entire gym with blacklights multiple times. We also have brought our lights to night clubs and even boats in Boston harbor. You can add these lights on to any package for around $100+ depending how many you need.

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You imagine it, we can build it. Props are a great way to create a special effect at an event or extenuate a theme. We have an all inclusive studio where with 3d printers, wood, and a metal working space. We generally use painted cardboard, and Styrofoam for events but don’t be afraid to ask. We have very fare rates when these are added to an event service.

Sign in boards

Custom Anything

Sometimes sign in boards become the life of the party. Usually we paint the special guests name on it and leave room for others to participate. These come with the easel the markers and everything else needed.

These don’t typically have to be boards. They can be giant bean bags or sweatshirts, even a pair of shoes or a canvas. If you order an event from us the cost is virtually cut in half to add this on. the price usually comes out to $150 for a medium board. Custom signs for food etc.. usually cost about $50.

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