Remote Parties

We can make the items before hand as well.


Our new addition to the events line up will be stay at home parties. We plan ahead and make the art in studio while attendees can watch over a live stream. Afterwards, we do all the coordination to make sure the guests receive their unique art, which could be water bottles, shirts, shoes, pillow cases, hats or more.


Must purchase the consumables before hand

List of names before we start

$100 deposit

Plan the delivery method


Generally, the cost is 50% of an event. Which is usually $400 for the items. The general cost per item for the client is $10. The bulk discount is usually 75 items for $500. These are rough estimates because the cost is actually tied to the block of time required to create the items. Usually, 5 hours for the artist and assistant to complete a batch. Once we agree on the arrangement the artist will lock in your price so you don’t have to pay more if the job takes longer.


We can video record or stream the creation of the items for a fee. So everyone can see their shirts being made. It usually is best recorded beforehand if there is a big attendance. But a party of 12-25 is perfect for a like stream of the objects being made.